Exponentialaltruism is a 3 fold concept with the following realities:

1. SpiralCosmosArt = http://www.spiralcosmosart.deviantart.com The artist who names himself spiralcosmosart” and the title of his art: “spiralcosmosart” seeking to earn a living, and enough wealth to be a full time artist making abstract psychedelic visual art: (mostly small pen and ink, digital, and some acrylic paintings) to attract and impress compatible intimate true friends.

2. ExponentialAltruism by SpiralCosmosArt = http://www.exponentialaltruism.wordpress.com = The artist spiralcosmosart’s reporting as the messenger of his understanding of the truth as he understands truth, as an educator, listing and compiling impressive essential information for humanity’s survival, albeit loaded with opinions based on his individual experience, but full of bold conviction and heart.

3. EXPONENTIAL ALTRUISM = Exponential Altruism the concept. A request that everyone feel free to have urgent responsibility to investigate truth: collect. compile and report on truth and make their manufacturing/production/trade/profession/art/ornaments/decorations/aesthetics/entertainment represent truth, proclaim truth, and thereby making their art meritorious and a superior alternative to fiat currency for humanity’s happiness. This is the most important of the other 2 facets or concepts, entirely irrelevant to the other 2 facets/concepts which are entirely the style, preference, and attempts of another human being to communicate Opinions and viewpoints are like every other organ essential for essential functions = everyone has them.


About spiralcosmosart

I love art work of spirals and cosmos.
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